Dear External Reviewers,

Thank you for agreeing to serve as an external reviewer for my tenure process.

This site serves as my research binder for the external review and it is optimized the best for desktop rather than mobile devices. The site contains the past five years of my main research activities with recognitions. My CV and narrative on the site only reflect my research portion of the activities at the Texas State University. My entire CV that includes teaching and service activities is attached in the email that is sent to you by the School of Art and Design at Texas State University.

The left sidebar is reserved for the top five research projects and selected presentations and workshops. When you click each project, it will take you to a brief project description and selected recognitions of each project. Whenever you would like to go back to the current page — Home, please click my name on the top left corner.

Thank you again for your time and contribution. It is greatly appreciated. 


MiHyun Kim
Assistant Professor of Communication Design
School of Art and Design | Texas State University

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