Landscape for Humanity: Multifunctional Landscapes Co-Designed for Vulnerable Urban Populations

The Landscape for Humanity (L4H) is an interdisciplinary project based in Eugene, Oregon in partnership with the Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE) and the City of Eugene, Oregon. L4H addresses homelessness with tiny transitional homes through landscape architecture and co-design with the residents. 

The project is funded by the University of Oregon Resilient Initiative [3], and I was invited by Yekang Ko (PI), Associate Professor of Landscape Design and Program Director, APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Hub at the College of Design at the University of Oregon to lead the digital design team.

My role as the design team lead was to create the program identity, the website, environmental graphic design for wayfinding, and data visualization to help analyze how the project improves the quality of the residents’ lives at OVE. Additionally, I facilitated two Design Sprint Workshops. The first workshop [1][7] was with the OVE residents, the L4H team members, and the landscape architecture students at the village. The workshop offered an opportunity for the residents to co-design to map potential shades and produces to improve their living conditions. The second Design Sprint Workshop [2][6] was conducted with the L4H team members to discuss the identity design system, potential web and mobile app design concepts, data visualization, and other crucial visual content for the project. I was also invited to give a lecture about Data Visualization as a Tool for Storytelling [4] to the students at the College of Design at the University of Oregon.

[1] The Behavioral Mapping  Workshop
[2] The Design Sprint Workshop
[3] The University of Oregon Resilient Initiative Website
[4] The lecture poster  
[5] Graphic Design USA Web Design Award
[6] The Design Sprint Workshop
[7] The Behavioral Mapping  Workshop

External Grant/Award
◦  University of Oregon Resilient Initiative [3] at the University of Oregon Foundation Board of Trustees: Trustee Excellence, Invited. Scope: Regional
◦  GD (Graphic Design) USA American Web Design Awards [5], Peer-reviewed. Gold. Scope: National

Invited Design Sprint Workshop
◦  The Behavioral Mapping Workshop Co-Facilitator with the OVE residents [1][7], Invited. Scope: National
◦  Design Sprint workshop for Digital Transformation with the L4H Team [2][6] , Invited. Scope: National

Invited Guest Lecture
◦  University of Oregon, Guest Lecturer : Data Visualization as a Tool for Storytelling [4]. Invited. Scope: National

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