Selected Presentations & Workshops

Since my position at the Texas State University, I have been involved in numerous prestigious presentations and workshops including the AIGA Design Educator Community, UCDA Design Educator Summit, KSBDA (Korea Society of Basic Design and Art), and the WeTeach CS grant program.

In 2018, my design research workshop with the AIGA Texas State student chapter, User-Centered Design: Design Thinking Workshop by Developing Understanding and Empathy was published at the AIGA Design Educator Conference, Converge: Disciplinarities and Digital Scholarship [2]. Later that year, I was invited to the Design Edu Today [1] podcast hosted by Gary Rozanc, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Maryland. The podcast is supported by The AIGA Design Educators Community, which is one of the most respected design communities in the United States. Guests for this podcast are selected based on their contributions and leadership within the interactive design field.

I have been invited to present at the UCDA Design Education Summit in  2019 with my paper entitled Computational Thinking vs Design Thinking as well as in  2020 with my paper User-Centered Design methodology and Emerging Technology [7]. Both papers have been published in the conference proceedings. The peer-review panel consisted of 12 university design faculty around the nation. The UCDA (University & College Designers Association) Design Education Summit is one of the most respected national summits, specifically for graphic design educators, with over 1000 memberships across the United States and Canada.

Additionally, I was invited to the KSBDA (Korea Society of Basic Design and Art) Spring International Conference [6] as a gallery talk artist to give a lecture of my work. The KSBDA is one of the most respected arts and design communities in Asia with about 9,000 members around the globe. The KSBDA holds bi-annual exhibitions in coordination with its bi-annual conference. Exhibition participants were by invitation only. The conference and exhibition participants represented South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Ecuador, Thailand, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, and Malaysia.

I was one of the investigators of the national-level grant project, Coding Across the Disciplines Workshop: Computer Science Collaborative as part of the Texas WeTeach CS Program [3]. Our grant team received $100,000 from the Center for STEM Education at the University of Texas at Austin. My contribution was to host  a workshop to teach high school teachers from Central Texas how art can be incorporated with computer science. My workshop focused on interdisciplinary art and coding concepts with a focus on a hybrid approach to teaching, so the workshop participants in turn can teach their students art and computer science hybrid thinking.

I was also invited to The T3 International Art Center in Beijing, China as a guest critic and an external advisor of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. The T3 International Art Center was founded by several current and former CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) art and design faculty who believe in promoting contemporary and experimental design and art practice in China. CAFA is the best art and design college in China and has notable faculty, including Xu Bing, who was awarded the Department of State Medal of Arts from President Obama, and Wang Min, who designed the visual identity system for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

[1] Design Edu Today Podcast
[2] AIGA Design Educator Conference
[3] WeTeach CS grant program at the University of Texas Austin
[4] SECAC Conference Proceedings
[5] Austin Design Week workshop
[6] KSBDA Conference Publication
[7] UCDA Conference Website

Selected Presentations
◦  UCDA (University & College Designers Association) Design Educators Summit: Human Centered [7] hosted by Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. Virtual Conference. Peer-reviewed. Scope: National
◦  SECAC (The Southeastern College of Art Conference)[4] hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia. Virtual Conference. Peer-reviewed. Scope: National 
◦  KSBDA (Korea Society of Basic Design and Art) Spring International Conference [6]: Bauhous, Looking at 100 years hosted by Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea. Virtual Conference. Invitied. Scope: International
◦  UCDA (University & College Designers Association) Design Educators Summit: Good Design Works. Youngstown University, Youngstown, Ohio
◦  AIGA Design Educator Conference, Converse: Disciplinarities and Digital Scholarship [2]. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

◦  Austin Design Week [5]: Embrace — Virtual. Hosted by Austin Design Week, Austin, Texas. Virtual Workshop. Peer-reviewed. Scope: Regional

◦  Coding Across the Disciplines: Computer Science Collaborative in Texas WeTeach CS Program [3], Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. Invited. Scope: National

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