Student Outcomes

Strong Emphasis on Creativity, Problem Solving, and Typographic Composition

Baseline Magazine 

Students are asked to redesign the International TypoGraphics Magazine, Baseline magazine with a specific focus on the cover, and one spread of their choice. The key requirement is to create a cover that resonates with the chosen article, with all imagery originating from the students themselves. The project mandates a collaborative effort involving group research to gain insights into the magazine’s target audience. This insight will inform the designi pro cess, aiming to produce a magazine that is not only intellectual and functional, but also artistically experimental and aesthetically captivating.  

Typography Anotomy Book

The goal of this assignment is to discover a compelling and expressive visual representation for typographic exploration over the course of the semester. Students are tasked with using typography anatomy as source material to create a visual intepretation in the form of a book. Their challenge includes exploring how the book design enhances the reading experinece and concept, taking into account various factors such as forms, production techniques and paper selections. 

Posters for Social Impact

In this assignment, students are tasked with cultivating a  dissenting viewpoint on contemporary political, economic, or cultural causes or global issues. As graphic designers, they wield the strategic tools to craft compelling and memorable messages. This project not only encourages students to challenge the prevailing norms, but also inspires them to make substantial contributions to public service organizations by conceptualizing and advocating for awareness campaigns that benefit society as a whole.  

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