Student Outcomes

Data Viz with A Small Set of Personal Data and A Big Set of Data from Open Data Portals

Small Data

This project introduces an unconventional approach to data, embracing a slower and analog method. Through the act of hand-drawing our personal data, we harness the power of data to foster a more human connection with ourselves and others, nurturing deeper relationships. As part of this unique experience, students engaged in a semester-long data exchange with penpals from another design course in Massachusetts, sharing their handcrafted data visualizations via traditional mail. 

* The project was inspired by Dear Data.

Stalk Yourself

The students were asked to collect their personal data using various activity mobile apps for about two months. This primary objective is to instruct them on the process of data collection, analysis, and visualization, enabling them to convey insights to individuals unfamiliar with their experiences and to gain a deeper understanding of their own habits. Throughout the project, students were encouraged to think outside the box and explore non-conventional methods of data visualization. 

Big Data

The students were tasked with crafting a data-driven narrative using Big Data. They selected topics of personal interest and sourced data from Open Source data portals. The core objective of the project was to create data visualizations that illuminate how the city has evolved over the past decade, provide a snapshot of the current situation, and ideally, propose potential solutions or offer informed predictions for the future. The goal was to convey meaningful insights to help people comprehend the urban transformation and its implications.  

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