I Have a Dream i, ii, iii 

Poster Series About People And Nature

This poster series offers a journey into a surreal realm crafted through the application of mathematical algorithms and geometric principles using programming. The resulting artwork possesses a captivating duality, simultaneously evoking the familiar and the unfamiliar. Viewers are enticed to explore and contemplate the nature of their own world.

Traveling Exhibitions

Juried Exhibition
VII International Triennial of Eco-Poster «The 4th Block» organized by Association of Graphic Designers 4th Block

Invited Traveling Exhibitions*:
National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum, Minus 4 Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
* The exhibitions were judged by the International Judges. 

Permanent collection
Dansk Plakamusueum (The Danish Poster Museum) 

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