MiHyun Kim is a designer, an artist and educator with a passion for utilizing design to build connections between people and their communities. Currently serving as an Associate Professor of Communication Design at Texas State University, she is dedicated to creating innovative approaches that leverage digital technology, storytelling, and data visualization to create meaningful and lasting impact. Through her interdisciplinary practice that brings different fields and perspectives together, she showcases the transformative potential of design in building stronger, more inclusive communities.

Before earning her MFA in Visual Design from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, MiHyun worked as a graphic designer at the COEX (Convention and Exhibition) Center in Seoul, one of Asia's most prestigious cultural venues. Her work has been recognized by numerous international and national design organizations, including the Interaction Design Association, Cumulus, Ars Electronica, UCDA Design Education Summit, and AIGA Design Educator Community.


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