Computer Generated Portraiture

This kinetic animated artwork entitled Code/Decode is an example of how technology is changing how we create, engage, and perceive art, specifically portraiture. In this artwork, the meaning of Code/Decode is that we ‘code’ a systematic collection of program instructions to Decode something about ourselves. It is to create a software to deconstruct photographic portraits and allow for the computer to reconstruct the portraits. The artwork  uses color detection as a parameter to spawn particles which in turn push away other previously placed particles.

The relationship between the visual ambiguity experienced by the onlooker with the flux in identity of the portrayed individuals creates the works intrigue. It just looks like a color vision test or a group of a harmonious color palettes. Onlookers might tilt their head to figure out what they are looking at and walk away from the work without knowing what the images really are — until the afterimage or peripheral vision takes hold. You stare at the images only to realize they are staring you back.

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