A Home for Everyone

A Poster based on a Story of Elaine, a Daughter of Native American Activist

This poster serves as a visual tribute to the poignant story of Elaine, a Native American woman whose narrative resonated with me. I encountered her compelling account on Cowbird: 'A Song for My Father.' In her story, Elaine sheds light on the heartbreaking historical practice of the U.S. government, which involved the separation of Native American infants from their parents in an effort to eradicate their ancestral bloodlines. Elaine's own life took a tragic turn, as she has not reunited with her family since the tender age of seven and has experienced homelessness for the majority of her existence. Her father, Dennis Banks, is a prominent Native American activist. Elaine's heart-wrenching tale revolves around her longing to reconnect with her father before his passing and her own battle with AIDS. Her narrative resonated deeply with me, evoking profound empathy for Elaine and her family

Juried Exhibition
Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Shortlist, Poster for Tomorrow: A Home for Everyone, Paris, France

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