Untamed Alphabets

Computer-Generated Kinetic Alphabets 

This animated typography explores how letters morph in time. As it changes smoothly from one image to another by small gradual steps, it creates new forms and aesthetics. Both sets of alphabets are programmed to move slightly leaving trails and changing colors. After an extended period, the letterforms lose legibility and become pure images.

Manipulated Typography
Intrigues Me

Typographic Explorations in Digital and Non-Digital Methodologies

This is a case study of manipulated typography using a digital camera and a non-digital printer — Vivitar Instant Slide Printer. When typographic characters are folded, reflected, and crumpled, they create unexpected shapes and have depth. I think the form of letters can influence our emotions before we ever read it. The aim of this study was to create an appeal through expression in dimensional space. Gerstner said, “the means to create expression is not to be found in spoken language, but rather in all objective possibilities of typographic form”.

Non-Digital Printing Methodology

Digital + Non Digital

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Language Confusion

Exploration, Itergration and Displacement of Language Boundaries

This is an experimental typography work in which Korean characters — Hangul — are repurposed and readable as English words. The notion of living and working in between multiple domains feels accurate to my experience as an artist, designer, and educator.

I learned a lot about myself and the tensions between art and design, visual and emotional culture, while living in both Korea and America. I know from my heart that I am at one-and-the-same-time an insider and an outsider, straddling two cultures and at times falling between them. I think the work is visually awkward, but at the same time, that is where I see the beauty of being plural and partial in identity.

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There Is Something Between The Two 

Exploration of my identity in between cultures by defining negative spaces 

This project is an exploration of being plural and partial in identity between two countries. It is inspired by a book, The Location of Culture written by Homi Bhabha. He says that “...these in-between spaces provide the terrain for elaborating on strategies of self that initiate new signs of identity, and innovative sites of collaboration, and contestation, in the act of defining the idea of society itself”. As a Korean who lives and works in the United States, I often feel I am straddling two cultures and at times falling between them. This project considers such undefined spaces by utilizing and emphasizing the negative spaces people usually don’t see.

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I am not stupid. I am a Korean.

A Poster of a Text-Battle Between My Professor and I

This poster was created from my personal experience when I first came to the United States for graduate school. I wanted the viewers to understand, or even imagine immigrants’ struggle with language, and to put themselves in our position. Each exhibition of the poster has gotten intimate responses from the viewers. They have expressed that the work allows them to experience my experience and to understand me and other immigrants better. Other immigrants express how much they  appreciate the work. These kinds of intimate responses are what the most persuasive graphic design is supposed to solicit. I am grateful to have connected on that level with this work.

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