Stories Become Data 

How Stories and Visual Narrative can be Collected as Data through Co-Creation Processes

Stories Become Data is an interactive digital environment that invites participants to share their own stories to a collective narrative through writing, drawing, and animating. The environment allows individuals to share their narratives, giving participants an opportunity to see a fuller perspective of how we are related to each other. Designed for creative expression and civic imagination, SBD integrates the process of conception, design, and construction, with an element of play, experimentation, and collaboration. This project seeks to introduce new perspectives to the genres of digital story telling and narrative-based data visualization. Consequently, it promotes the value of exploration, serendipity, and collaboration in any creative research process.

Digital Enviornment

Collaborative Drawings

Collective Stories 

Invited Participatory Community Events 2019 — 2020
02. 28. 2019: Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
03. 11. 2019: San Marcos Public Library, San Marcos, Texas
07. 10. 2019: Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU),  Beijing, China
11. 07. 2019: Austin Design Week, Austin, Texas
01.10–11. 2020: Art Teleported organized by CICA Museum, Brooklyn, New York
02. 14. 2020: CAA (College Art Association) ARTexchange, Chicago, Illinois

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