Unveiling Salary Inequity  

Visualizing Trends in Compensation within Higher Education

In the 2022-2023 academic year, I served as a Faculty Senate Fellow at Texas State University, contributing to initiatives addressing salary equity and compression within the Texas state University educational community.

The project is to analyze salary compression dynamics in higher education, utilizing data to establish an equitable and transparent salary structure. The ultimate objective is to empower faculty members in actively shaping a fair compensation framework. Supported by a research enhancement grant, I am expanding this initiative into an interactive data visualization website, scheduled for publication in mid-2024.

The entire report is available to view here

Collective Voices

CUPA Median Faculty Salary and Merit Trends

AIGA Design Educator Community Symposium, New York, 2023

AIAP Women in Design Award, Shortlist, Triennale Milano, Italy

AWDA (AIAP Women in Design Award) 05 Volume, Italy (upcoming in 2024)

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