Reimagine Forgotten Community

Participatory Interactive Storytelling Event with San Marcos Community Members

The purpose of the Participatory Interactive Storytelling Event: Reimagine Forgotten Community Stories was to enliven the community through a public presentation of the forgotten stories of the city of San Marcos, Texas. This event took place at the oldest building in San Marcos, the Hays County Historic Courthouse. The town has a quirky history, which, with time, has nearly been forgotten. Central to San Marcos is a natural spring that feeds into a large river. This river has become central to the culture of the place and home to eclectic events for over 70 years, such as Ralph the Famous Swimming Pig, underwater “mermaid” performers and clowns, and an underwater theater. Since Texas State University purchased the land for preservation purposes in 1994, the stories of the Aquarena Spring have been confined to books, digital archives, and fading memories. Through postcards, tourist brochures, and the media, that hegemonic image has become ‘fixed’ in the collective memory. 

This project was an attempt to answer the question, “How can artists and community members collaborate to reveal and build significance in their community in a fun and engaging way?”

Community Stories

Community Participation

The Set Ups

Participated organizations
Calaboose African American Association
Centro Cultural Hispano De San Marcos
The Indigenous Cultures Institute

Collaboration with Tagtool, OMAI Crew

Funded Grant
The City of San Marcos Arts Commission Grant

MODE (Motion Design Education Summit) Poster Presentation

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