Historical Digital Platform to Collectively Archive Our History with Augmented Reality (AR)

Placed is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary project at the intersection of design, digital media, anthropology, sociology, and history. Our initiative, Placed, is an interactive historical digital platform with a mission to empower communities by providing the tools to document and celebrate their unique past. By creating a digitally augmented layer that overlays the physical geography of each participating city, Placed offers an interactive timeline, enabling people to explore a multitude of historical narratives associated with any location. In essence, Placed reclaims the narrative of history, moving it away from the control of the wealthy and powerful, and instead amplifying the voices of marginalized and often overlooked community members, who possess their own compelling stories to share.

Co-Design Thinking Process

International Awards
The Interaction Design Awards, Shortlist in the category of Connecting: Facilitating Communication Between People and Communities, Milan Italy
AWDA Aiap Women in Design Award, Shortlist in the category of PhD, Researchers, and Teachers, Florence, Italy
European Design Awards, Finalist,  Warsaw, Poland during the European Design Festival.

National Award
The 17th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards, Best in Digital Design Category

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