The Line Drawing Project

Participatory Computer Generated Portraits Project

Line Portrait Project is a series of computer-code generated portraits that analyze the light and shadow within images, producing one-line portraits. Over a span of six months, the project engaged 367 participants, resulting in the creation of approximately 1000 unique line portraits. Participants were able to watch their portraits take shape in a single line, and as a gesture of gratitude, they could download their line portrait version. 

The most interesting aspect of the project to me lies in what unfolded after participants acquired their line portraits. Many of them shared how they ingeniously reinterpreted their line portraits, integrating them into diverse mediums such as posters, bookmarks, business cards, photographs, and social media profiles.  The project has become a tool for user-driven design and artistic expression for the public to generate and distribute.

New Texture New Media 2019 by CICA Press, Seoul, South Korea 

Evolving Graphic Design, Art Loft Gallary at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

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