Landscape for Humanity 

Multifunctional Landscapes Co-Designed for Vulnerable Urban Populations

Landscape for Humanity (L4H) is a non-profit organization committed to developing a holistic landscape system model that caters to the fundamental needs of food, energy, and water for marginalized urban populations. Our project at Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE), Oregon, has created an opportunity for collaborative co-design through workshop processes. To connect with local communities and global audiences, we’ve established the L4H website, serving as an informational hub to showcase our work, facilitate partnerships with community organizations and individuals, and secure funding for our projects aimed at assisting vulnerable urban populations. Additionally, an app was designed to empower residents, helping them complete essential tasks and stay engaged within the community.

Web Design

Mobile Design

Co-Design Process

The L4H Board President: YeKang Ko
Co-Design Workshop Facilitator: Adam DeHeer
Logo Design and Co-Web Developer: Isaiah Guzman

Funded Grant
Grant received from University of Oregon Foundation Board of Trustees

Graphic Design USA Web Design Award, Gold

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