Computer Generated Portraiture

Code/Decode, a kinetic animated artwork, is an example of how technology reshaping the way we conceive, engage with, and perceive art, particularly in the realm of portraiture. The artwork is centered on creating software capable of deconstructing photographic portraits and enabling the computer to reconstruct these portraits. It relies on color detection as a parameter to generate particles that, in turn, interact with previously placed particles. 

What makes this artwork intriguing is the intricate relationship between the visual ambiguity experienced by viewers and the dynamic flux in the identities of the portrayed individuals. At first glance, it may resemble a color vision test of an array of harmonious color palettes. Some people might tilt their heads in an attempt to decipher what they are seeing, potentially walking away without a complete understanding of the images, until the afterimage or peripheral vision takes effect. As they continue to gaze at the images, a realization dawns — the images are, in their own way, observing the observer.

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