Bobcat Tales

Connecting physical environment with virtual space through co-creation at the university campus 

Bobcat Tales is a digital placemaking project that connects the physical environment and virtual space through co-creation at the Texas State University campus.  It is to collectively reimagine and reinvent public spaces at the university campus to strengthening connection, maximize shared value, promote the history and culture of the campus. The digital placemaking creates a concept of hybrid space — digitally-enabled services, products, and experiences into built and natural environments, enhancing or even transforming the way the campus is understood. Content is tailored specifically to the location, helping make public spaces more meaningful and attractive, in turn optimizing we experience them.

Design Research

Commissioned by Dr. Robert. T. Tally NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship in the Humanities, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts at Texas State University

MFA Student Research Assistant: Thi Nguyen
Video Production: Dalton Albus

Filed under Interactive, Co-Design

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